We decided to check out the ‘zorbing’ at Horseshoe Resort by Barrie, Ontario last week. They were opening their new adventure park on July 1st for Canada so thought it would be a great activity with my nieces. The line up was huge and since it was opening day the organization was horrible in the park. I assume since then things would have improved.

They got the Zorbs from New Zealand where it has been going on for years. Some great You Tube videos if you Google it. Not all of the parts had arrived in time for the grand opening, hence the long lines…

We bought the ‘play-all-day’ pass and went straight to the zorbs. The line up for a trip down the hill was about 45 minutes but we stuck it out since we had driven all the way there. You get in the giant orb with 1-3 people of any age and they fill it with about a foot of water. They zip it up and push you down a hill. The effect is something like being inside a giant washing machine and you are the clothes. It is a little scary at first but I’m also afraid of roller coasters so I wouldn’t take my word for it.

I would recommend going to check it out but go early to avoid afternoon line ups.

Check out the video here:  http://youtu.be/uMom7SmyH70

The Zorb track at Horseshoe

Julia exiting the Zorb


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